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Application Form

Post by Jack_Wintels on Wed Jun 07, 2017 7:31 pm

Subject : [Police Recruitment #24] Firstname Lastname

[b][u]POLICE RECRUITMENT[/u][/b][/center][/size]

[center](( A. IN CHARACTER ))[/center]

I).  Firstname :
II). Middlename :
III). Lastname :
IV). Gender :
V). Nationality :
VI). Race :
VII). Age :
VIII). Date of birth :
IX). Place of birth :
X).  Blood Type :
XI). Height :
XII). Weight :[/list]

I). Mobile phone number :
II). House Address :
III). E-Mail :[/list]

I) Do you have a Driving License?:
I.I) Do you have a Sailing License?:
I.I.I) Do you have a Flying License?:
I.I.I.I) Do you have a Firearms License?:[/list]

4). QUESTIONS[/list]
I). Where do you get the information about SAPD Recruitment?
II). Have you ever been involved in a criminal case?(If yes, explain it.)
III). Have you ever submitted an application to SAPD?(If yes, when?)
IV). Why did you want to become a member of San Andreas Police Department?(min. 150 words)
V). Why do you think we should accept you to the department?(min. 100 words)[/list]

5). CONTRACT[/list]
I, FIRSTNAME LASTNAME, hereby sign this contract that vouches my agreement to the terms of using this official format and understand that upon writing this document everything that I have stated here is true and that I'm obligated to follow the rules and regulations of the entire Recruitment Process that have been explained to me previously and that any attempt to cheat my way into the SAPD will result in the immediate denial of my application. I agree that the officer(s) reviewing my application withhold the right to deny it at any time for any reason they deem acceptable or necessary.[/list]

[center](( OUT OF CHARACTER ))[/center]
I). Forum ID :
II). IRL Name :
III). Age :
IV). Location :
V). How long have you been playing on Real Generation Roleplay?[/list]

2). QUESTION[/list]
I). Do you have a fully working microphone?(If no, explain why.)
II). Has Teamspeak 3 been installed in your computer?
III). Have you ever been banned in RG:RP?(If yes, explain when and why)
IV). Why would you like to join SAPD?(min. 100 words)
V). What do you know about San Andreas Police Department?(min. 75 words)
VI). Screenshots /stats[spoiler=][/spoiler][/list]


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